5 Top Tips To Stand Out From the Crowd As A Professional Coach

Amanda Rosewarne, CEO & Co-Founder of the Professional Development Consortium gives her 5 Top Tips on how totand out as a coach and get your coaching message out there.

By Amanda Rosewarne in collaboration with The Coaching Academy


““Voice recognition and artificial intelligence have advanced to the point that the illusion of a good quality coaching conversation can be created,” says Sam Isaacson, Grant Thornton’s Head of Coaching Services.”

Commentary by Coach of Excellence

The changing pace of technology appears to be the only constant. New technologies continue to be developed that help to augment or replace jobs and tasks. This knowledge should naturally lead to the question, how is technology impacting the delivery of coaching?

John Welsh, an executive coach who writes about the impact of technology at work, particularly in coaching, reveals how the adoption of technology is affecting coaching within organisations.

Beginning with the discussions from Grant Thornton’s Coaching Breakfast in London in 2019 that explored the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition have become so advanced that they can create the illusion of a good quality coaching conversation, he moves on to point out that apps have been developed allow “self-coaching, anywhere anytime”.

In the article, he provides insights into when and where technology can be used effectively for coaching, and also refers to the question raised at Grant Thornton, “will AI be able to replace the value of a coach’s intuition and rapport?”

Whilst we are now all working remotely and have adopted virtual conferencing technology to coach, what are your thoughts about other types of technology being adopted to support coaching?

Do you think technology such as AI truly has a place within the provision of coaching?


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Date: 3rd June 2021
Author: Kirstie Walker
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