Growing Coaching Niches

The 5 Fastest-Growing Coaching Niches Of This Year

by Ignacio Perez


Commentary from Coach of Excellence

The cited article looks at the fastest growing niches for coaching in 2019. Will these hold true for 2020 as the global disruption continues to affect us?

Writing for Forbes, Ignacio Perez makes the bold statement that “your profitability as a coach starts with coaching niche.”
Identifying your niche and its profitabiity entails engaging in market research, and even if you have expertise in a specific field or topic, it is still imperative that you conduct research to determine whether the market will be large enough for you to make money.

This article provides insights into the five fastest growing niches for coaches which will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. The information is based on careful industry trend analysis.


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Date: 31st March 2020
Author: Tracy Gravesande
Categories: Coaching | Disruption