Managing Your Energy as a Coach is Vital

Panic and the coronavirus pandemic: emotional transference when coaching during a crisis

By Rachel Ellison MBE


Commentary from Coach of Excellence

If you are fortunate enough to still be coaching in these early days of quarantine (March 2020), you may be finding that you have to navigate a new and unexpected set of issues as clients acclimatise to the new way of living and working.

As a coach in these times it is even more important that you draw on the skills and capabilities of managing your own energy and that of your clients. Energy management has never been more important than it is today. As this article explains “To keep your coaching high quality, it’s vital to stay ultra self-aware of the effect that things you hear are having on you. This is both about coaching but also about your reputation longer term.”

Therefore as a coach, we cannot stress to highly, the need for you to continue to invest in your well-being and resources that will help you to manage your energy calmly so that you can truly be of service to your clients.

Would you be willing to share how you are managing your energy with your peers?



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Date: 7th April 2020
Author: Tracy Gravesande
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