Simon Rickman


Simon established PEAK Performance & Potential as a coaching and development organisation to deliver a dynamic learning environment for his clients to think, reflect and change.

By being curious and non-judgemental, Simon helps his clients to explore how to work effectively as a leader or as an individual contributor. His goal is for his clients to work more collaboratively with customers, clients and colleagues. For leaders, it’s about creating and maintaining a high-performing team, whilst for individual contributors, it’s more about how to keep themselves and others motivated on a continuous basis.

Clients focus on where they are now, what actions are required to get them to the next level, and how to constantly hit new levels of performance and potential to reach their peak. In all cases, this is delivered through confidential 1-2-1 sessions either face to face or virtually via Zoom or Teams (or equivalent). For groups, this is delivered either through workshops or webinars.

As the business has grown, clients now come to Simon for specific advice on how to find a new job, or gain a promotion, or how to manage stress, or be a more effective time manager etc. Simon’s extensive research and practical experience can be applied to most people-related challenges. Regardless, it enables Simon to use his 40 years of knowledge and skills as an HR and recruitment professional, leader, coach and mentor.

Simon targets SMEs in any industry in both the private and public sectors. His messages are applicable to leaders at any level or to groups or individuals who are looking to learn, develop and grow. Ultimately, Simon’s goal is for his clients to be inspired to say, “Because of Simon, I didn’t give up and I got a result!”

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  • Area of Coaching: 1-1 Coaching, Career Coaching, Group Coaching, Performance Coaching
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