Nigel Hartley | CE33001


About Me

I am a hybrid business coach/advisor, based in the USA, who uses his experience of owning and running businesses with Shirlaws IP to develop the vision and strategy to fulfil that vision. I then use a coaching modality to transfer skills into the business.

The ultimate aim is to change people’s lives.

Nigel Hartley is a Coach of Excellent with the Professional Development Consortium. Every Business is going to get stuck, hit a transition point or run out of answers. That is where I come in applying the experience, I have gained on my journey to help the business get back on track and scale appropriately. I have been doing this for 18 years and therefore have a broad range of experience and tools but typically the services are built to:

My typical client is a private company, often family owned with revenues over $10M and the professional services organisations that support that market. I am industry agnostic and work with clients throughout California. Occasionally I work with clients in Washington and Oregon as well.

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