The Future of Coaching – Predicted Trends for 2020

Commentary from Coach of Excellence

The article is based upon a converation between Naomi Ward (Education Connected) and Val Stevenson who leads the coaching team for The Art of Work.

The discussion provides valuable insights for educators, but it also provides invaluable insights for coaches as they consider the future of the industry and their professional development. Here’s an excerpt relating to the importance of Purpose and Values for coaches and the coaching industry 

“Values and purpose driven leadership is needed more than ever as we take responsibility for the choices we make and the impact that they will have today, tomorrow and for future generations. Coaches have the privilege of partnering individuals and organisations as they transform and take responsibility. Coaches are ideally placed to challenge leaders to be accountable not just for their own actions but for the actions of their organisations.”

This appears to be of even more importance in our world today in light of the disruption that is transforming everyone’s life and business experiences. The term VUCA has never been more real or more significant and how we respond to the disruption will set the tone for the future.


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Date: 21st April 2020
Author: Tracy Gravesande