What is the Future of Coaching in 2020 and Beyond?


By Caroline Thompson


“Now it’s time to plan for the year ahead. The first step towards planning for the future is to figure out what’s working and what isn’t working for your coaching business in 2020.”

Commentary from Coach of Excellence

The Future of Coaching in 2020: Align Your Business Goals with Today’s Trends is the title of this article. If you’re reading it after February 2020 you’re in the midst of a global social and economic upheaval, which has been a shock to everyone’s system. Regardless of this, however, the trends that have been listed in the article still apply.

The coaching industry, like many others, has had to adapt to the external changes that were out of its control and it needs to ensure that it and coaching professionals maintain their credibility in the face of the disruption being experienced.

One of the trends from the article I’d like to highlight is, “Reliability and proof.” This is so very true and as Caroline Thompson indicates, hard evidence is a key way of demonstrating reliability and proof. One means of providing hard evidence is to obtain an accreditation, in addition to acquiring a coaching qualification.

This is a shameless plug for the Coach of Excellence Accreditation because we know that coaches who have invested in themselves and their practices need to reap the rewards for their endeavours. Having an accreditation from an independent third-party demonstrates to the market that a coach is commited to delivering high quality coaching that can be trusted. With few barriers to entry into the market, coaches need to preserve their well-earned reputation and one of the ways of doing so is to obtain an accreditation.


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Date: 14th April 2020
Author: Tracy Gravesande