Why Coach of Excellence?

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The Coach of Excellence is a unique evidence-based accreditation supported by world experts, universities and professional organisations, and its very purpose is to help clients in their coaching selection that ensures a coach of quality and trust.

As part of the CPD Standards Office, we have spent the past decade researching and understanding the fields of coaching, continuing professional development (CPD), adult skills and personal development to help understand what clients truly value when making a coaching selection.  

True Coaching Experts

Working on a pan-industry, multi-disciplinary basis, we have researched every stakeholder within these fields including individual coaches, coaching and training networks, coaching providers of CPD, professional bodies, employers and charities…

… to ascertain the makings of ‘a great coach’. In addition, our expertise on the role of coaching, how changes across different industry sectors and its evolution over time are all captured in the Coach of Excellence trustmark.  

The Official Global Coach Accreditation

As coaching gains more acceptance across all industries, it is becoming more important for coaching professionals to elevate their credibility and business reputation. 

Today, we are uniquely placed with an authoritative assessment process based on a scientific methodology, recognised by institutes and industry, and as the official global certification partner of the CPD Institute. To ensure that our assessment is robust and diligent enough ensuring we ask all the appropriate questions, our processes are overseen by an independent panel of experts drawn from academics, employers and professional bodies - otherwise known as the Expert Advisory Board. This, together with adhering to the international coaching code of ethics and our founding pioneering coaches makes the recipe that ensures our accreditation is authoritative.  

Digital distrust is real, and the Coach of Excellence accreditation is an online trustmark that delivers confidence and dispels scepticism. 

Our Accredited Providers

The Coach of Excellence accreditation, and the CPD Standards Office works with a variety of coaches, training providers, speakers, employers and knowledge organisations to recognise one to one coaching - virtual and face to face - as well as coaching programmes.

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