Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

Founded in 2010, the Professional Development Consortium was established from a large scale research project initially based at Kingston University Business School and went on to partner with an educational charity and various professional bodies.

The research explored professional development, adult education and training which provided a strong academic platform for the Consortium.

As coaching gains more acceptance across all industries, it is becoming more important for coaching professionals to elevate their credibility and business reputation. As such the Consortium works with a wide range of coach training organisations, professional coaches delivering different types of coaching and coach mentors.

In addition to the Coach of Excellence accreditation, the Consortium also awards the Provider of Training Excellence© accreditation, and oversees the CPD Standards Office.

It is the CPD Standards Office that has designed and developed an accreditation process in order to deliver accreditation services that primarily focus on accrediting coaching and individual training / learning activities. This in turn allows anyone engaging with someone, or an organization that has been accredited, to accrue verifiable Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points needed to adhere to their individual training needs and/or requirements. The accreditation mark also confirms the high level of quality of the service being provided.

Our Educational Authority and Remit

The Coach of Excellence Accreditation has been developed in consultation with a group of ‘Founding Member’ coaches.

Established as leaders within their respected fields, these coaches agreed the need for an external accreditation that verifies coaching excellence both internally and externally. We worked together to shape the accreditation, assessment process, criteria and methodology that is used today. The criteria and methodology for the accreditation are regularly reviewed to ensure its validity, reliability and relevance.

The Professional Development Consortium is steered by an Expert Independent Advisory Board comprising academics, representatives from professional bodies and experts in coaching, training and lifelong learning. The Independent Expert Advisory Board is in place to ensure there is quality control and quality assurance at every step of the accreditation.

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