We help coaches build client trust by providing recognised accreditation.


Officially recognised as being
trained to coach
£595 + VAT


A person with a high level of knowledge skill and expertise relating to coaching.
£795 + VAT


Seen as an accomplished trusted advisor; reputable in field.
£995 + VAT

As coaching gains more acceptance across all industries, it is becoming more important for coaching professionals to elevate their credibility and business reputation.  As such the Consortium created the Coach of Excellence Accreditation and offer this accreditation to a wide range of coach training organisations, professional coaches delivering different types of coaching and coach mentors.

The sole aim of Coach of Excellence Accreditation is to promote personal, intellectual, and professional growth by the coach. This also ensures that Continuing Professional Development training coaches are masters in their art.

The Coach of Excellence Accreditation is a three-tiered accreditation that is granted to professional coaches in recognition of high quality and trusted coaching provision.

The accreditation enables providers to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to delivering high quality coaching
  • Prove that your coaching has real and tangible impact for your clients
  • Verify client satisfaction
  • Confirm that your coaching approach and resources have been benchmarked against best practice
  • Stand out and lead in your industry
  • Issue CPD certificates to client with whom you undertake one on one coaching
  • Join a prestigious network/community of coaches
  • Access new industries via the peer network/community
  • Elevate your skills and knowledge through sharing with peers
  • Increase your profile and reputation by actively collaborating with and participating in events and activities with the Coach of Excellence community.

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