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Enrolment Is The Major Key To A Successful Coaching Practice
Getting clients is one of the hottest topics, and challenges, in the coaching industry today. One perspective is that it is too closely aligned with sales, and that thought seems to set off fears in many people. Leslie Lupinsvky, sees enrolment as an art that takes time and work to hone.
How To Effectively Coach Clients Who Are Much Younger Than You
An important part of communication is not just getting your message across but also actively listening so that you truly hear what is being said, and the person feels heard. The adage ‘be more interested than interesting’ applies here! Feeling heard happens when a coach asks…
How To Increase Your Coaching Effectiveness With Clients At All Stages Of Life
When coaching clients of different ages, understanding their stage of development will improve your ability to connect more deeply with your clients and allow them to grasp better what is going on within themselves, thus increasing your coaching effectiveness.
How Generational Differences Impact Coaching
Is there really a difference between generations or is it about different stages of life, and how do we coach clients from this lens? What are the difference generational needs, expectations, values and conflicts and what is the impact on coaching?
7 Ways To Help Your Clients Thrive Under Pressure And Bounce Forward Faster
Stretch and twist a rubber band out of shape and it will quickly bounce back. Assuming it’s resilient. That same resilience resides in every one of us. Wired into our psychological DNA is an innate capacity to bounce back from situations that can leave us feeling bent out of shape.
How To Make Resilience Work For Your Coaching Clients
Resilience is an oft-used word these days and is enroute to becoming a true “buzzword.” In my thinking, it’s nearing “pivot” in my lexicon of words-I-may-never-want-to-hear-again. However, resilience is too important for your clients to allow it to be relegated away.

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