Our Founding Members

The Coach of Excellence accreditation has been created and developed by an exceptional group of Founding Members who are established leaders in their respective fields.

Our Founding Members are coaches in a wide variety of industries, who understand how coaching is developing across the UK and globally, and what clients truly value. Working together as a global network, our founding members are all successful coaches, and together we are active ambassadors of excellence within professional coaching practices.

The Founding Members have played a significant role in the development of the Coach of Excellence accreditation. These coaching professionals agreed that there was a need for an external accreditation that verifies coaching both internally and externally. With this knowledge and expertise, we have been able to develop a three-tiered accreditation awarded to professional coaches in recognition of high quality and a trusted coaching provision.

The research and expertise from these coaches, and the great conversations, helped us to understand what we needed to include in our rigorous assessment process and develop a list of member benefits that accredited Coach of Excellence coaches would find valuable.

Our accreditation has been built on the foundations from these discussions with our coaches advising on every aspect such as the application process, member offerings and the assessment process.

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