Our Founding Members

Established as experts and pioneers within their respective fields, our founding coaches recognised the need for an external accreditation that verifies coaching excellence both internally and externally.

Working together as a global network, our founding experts have helped shape the accreditation process as well as contribute to the methodology that is used today. They are all active ambassadors of excellence within professional coaching practices and all play a fundamental role in the evolution of our methodology and research that ensures the accreditation remains reliable and valid.

The Founding Members have played a significant role in the development of the Coach of Excellence accreditation. These coaching professionals agreed that there was a need for an external accreditation that verifies coaching both internally and externally. With this knowledge and expertise, we have been able to develop a three-tiered accreditation awarded to professional coaches in recognition of high quality and a trusted coaching provision.

The research and expertise from these coaches, and the great conversations, helped us to understand what we needed to include in our rigorous assessment process and develop a list of member benefits that accredited Coach of Excellence coaches would find valuable.

Our accreditation has been built on the foundations from these discussions with our coaches advising on every aspect such as the application process, member offerings and the assessment process.

Amanda Rosewarne

Amanda Rosewarne is a coach accreditation expert. With a background in occupational and business psychology, she has worked with hundreds of business and personal development coaches over the past two decades.

An expert in accreditation, Amanda founded the CPD Standards Office, the market leader in CPD accreditation, and from 2012 has developed the Coach of Excellence accreditation in consultation with market leaders, academics and coaching experts.    

Her expertise has been featured in major news outlets, she sits on both government and industry forums for adult skill development. A visiting fellow at Kingston Business School, Amanda continues to undertake academic research in the coaching realm. 

“With the ability to transform lives, coaching is both a privilege and responsibility. In a sector with little regulation, coaches must hold themselves to the highest standards and pursue nothing less than excellence in all areas of practice.”

Amanda Rosewarne

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