Our Research & Methodology

There is nothing we don’t know about coaching….


The Coach of Excellence accreditation methodology is a unique process rooted in evidence-based research. Coaching is both an art and a science, and we have studied its practice and the markets for over a decade. There are many ingredients which make a great coach. Our assessment process examines the four key pillars of coaching, with the aim of enabling coaches to go an extra step towards excellence.

1. Presence

Your coaching practice

2. Impact

The client experience

3. Provision

Coaching portfolio and approach

4. Focus

Maintaining excellence

A Lens for Quality

The largest study ever undertaken in the CPD arena, the research project laid the foundations for the establishment of the CPD Standards Office in 2012. From these humble beginnings, a new era of CPD accreditation began, with the CPD Standards Office offering specific accreditation pathways for different types of learning activities. Today, with providers in over 50 countries, the CPDSO accreditation is the leading professional standard for CPD provision. 

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