Let the world see your true value

Gain your Coach of Excellence certification

Is this you?

As a Coach of Excellence, your accreditation will mean that:

High Quality

You deliver exceptional quality coaching to your clients in your private practice or as a coach within an organisation.

Remarkable practice

You have a well-structured, planned and organised coaching sessions provision.

Measurable Impact

You have a noticeable impact on your clients and/or the organisations you work with.

It’s time you claim your accreditation

Did you recognise yourself already? If you are an excellent coach who hasn’t been recognised as a coach of excellence just yet, let’s correct this error.

By gaining your certificate you will be able to:

  • Grow your client portfolio internationally in both one-to-one and group practices
  • Improve your margins proving that your coaching has a real and tangible impact
  • Enhance your credibility in a competitive market promoting a coach of preference
  • Issue CPD Certificates to professionals requiring validation of their sessions
  • A coaching community with a network that continually develops your coaching practice

Choose your certification

Wherever you are in your coaching career, one of these membership levels will fit your experience. If you don’t qualify for an Expert yet, choose between Qualified and Professional and work your way up with the support of our remarkable community.




Up to 2 Years’ Experience
Have at least 4 clients in place
Completed 45 Hours of client coaching
Demonstrates good CPD practice



4-6 Years’ Experience
Have at least 6 clients in place
Completed 75 Hours of client coaching
Demonstrates good CPD practice



8+ Years’ Experience
Have at least 8 clients in place
Completed 90 Hours of client coaching
Demonstrates good CPD practice

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