Andy Whitehead


I am an executive coach with a focus on strategic leadership, group coaching, and enhancing individuals’ mental toughness. I specialize in utilizing the MTQ48 mental toughness assessment and various DiSC psychometric profiles in my coaching practice. My coaching services are primarily sought after by professionals and organizations across diverse sectors.

I began my coaching journey several years ago, bringing a unique blend of skills as a Business Psychologist to the table. My coaching stands out for its strategic approach, rooted in evidence-based practices, and a deep understanding of the human psyche. I emphasize helping clients cultivate mental toughness, a key trait for thriving in demanding leadership roles.

My clients span a wide range of sectors, including government bodies like local council’s and a regional Fire and Rescue Service, healthcare institutions such as the NHS, and private sector corporations like Maximus and Ingeus. Additionally, I have had the privilege of working with numerous businesses in both Middle Eastern and European regions, offering a global perspective and cultural sensitivity in my coaching.

My coaching services are distinguished by their strategic focus, psychological expertise, and the proven tools I employ to foster leadership growth, making me an ideal partner for leaders seeking to excel in demanding professional environments.

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  • Area of Coaching: Business Coaching, 1-1 Coaching, Career Coaching, Group Coaching, Performance Coaching