Dr Susan Rome


Dr Susan Rome is a professional performance coach, specializing in healthcare communication and healthcare industries. Susan has worked in global healthcare communications for over 20 years. As well as developing global medical education programmes herself, Susan has worked internally within companies to create high-performing integrated multidisciplinary teams. Susan provides 1:1 and bespoke team/group development coaching to achieve transformational personal and professional development.

Key areas of focus are:
 New to role or company wanting to establish presence and impact, particularly in
hybrid working environments.
 Senior leaders looking for nonlinear career progression or who want to take their
leadership and coaching skills to the next level.
 Teams who are newly forming to establish their ‘True North’, values and

Susan is accredited in DISC and uses it to help individuals and teams to understand communication preferences, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen relationships, and improve productivity. While Susan specializes in healthcare and healthcare communication industries she is open to all who are committed to achieving meaningful change.

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