My coaching practice is founded on 30+ years as a physician in academic & private practice and my experience as a national leader in medical education. I offer coaching packages for physicians, academics and business professionals designed to maximize their leadership potential and support career development. As you anticipate moving into or expanding your leadership role, as you approach professional growth and development or a change in career direction – I am here to support you. I will create a safe space where you can explore your strengths & values and how they align with your next steps. My coaching places you in direct control of your future and vision of success and as your coach I will be alongside you as you –

  • discover your own leadership style & strategies
  • lean into difficult conversations & negotiations
  • lead your team
  • consider a career move
  • navigate the uncharted territory of emerging and diverse workplaces
  • learn how to thrive in your chosen profession

My coaching clients bring complex leadership and professional questions to our sessions, and we work methodically to understand the full picture, uncover obstacles, and move forwards. My coaching clients go on to make a meaningful and lasting impact through their work & life.

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