Lesley Sinclair


Insight Coaching & Consultancy offers high-quality leadership coaching with a distinct focus on strengths and emotional intelligence. My CPD-accredited coaching programmes empower professionals to achieve growth by leveraging their strengths and developing their emotional intelligence both in and outside the workplace.  In the pursuit of career growth and enhanced prospects, my coaching provides tailored solutions for individuals in Health and Social Care. My extensive 25 years of experience in the field ensures a nuanced approach, recognising the unique challenges each care business faces. Through a solution-focused approach to coaching, clients can map their current position, envision future goals, and take decisive actions to bridge the gap.

Potential clients often wonder how to further their careers or improve their prospects. With Insight Coaching & Consultancy, I guide individuals to navigate challenges, develop leadership qualities, and implement strategies for continuous improvement. The process is personalised, and motivating, and empowers clients to turn aspirations into reality, fostering both short-term success and long-term development.

I am a Member of the Association for Coaching, a Coach of Excellence – Expert Level, EQi & EQi 360 and a Strengths Practitioner, who brings a wealth of experience and learning. My coaching journey is marked by recognition and valuable partnerships, reflecting a commitment to excellence in fostering professional growth.

  • Listing ID: 2704
  • Membership Number: CE33067
  • Area of Coaching: Business Coaching, 1-1 Coaching, Personal/Life Coaching