Mila Trezza



Executive Coaching for Lawyers: Helping exceptional lawyers achieve more

I help lawyers develop the insight and thinking skills they need to persevere and succeed in the face of challenges. Whether you are a private practice lawyer or an in-house counsel, coaching could help you develop the confidence, strategies and clarity you need to achieve what at first may seem like unattainable outcomes.


Career Progression
Have you outgrown your current role and feel ready to step up to the next level of your career? Coaching provides a roadmap that will allow you not only to maximise your chances of ‘getting the job’ but also to deal with your challenges with confidence and the thinking skills you need to succeed.

Business Development
Are you maximising your engagement opportunities with clients? Coaching developed on in-house experience offers an opportunity to explore the insight of the client’s perspective and view legal advice through the eyes of the client.

Would you like to make a bold impact in your organisation? Coaching provides a solid basis and ongoing support for a solo leadership journey and the development of personalised strategies to lead a successful team.

Legal Teams
Is there a better way for us to work together? Team coaching creates a space to foster team engagement, find ways to work smarter and think like a team, which together translate into greater performance.

To find out more about how I can help with your professional journey, visit I offer a free no-obligation discovery call.

About: I am a former General Counsel of a Fortune Global 500 Corporation with more than 20 years’ experience, and an IECL-certified Organisational Coach. I served as Director of over 30 companies operating across many jurisdictions. I managed and developed international in-house legal teams delivering major litigation, M&A, and corporate services.

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