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3 Key Career Coaching Conversations

As coaches, facilitators and trainers, we play a key role in driving, motivating and engaging talent. Key to this work is being able to attune to what each person most wants from their career and lives. Whether in a development programme, one-to-one coaching or talent discussions, career conversation is one of the key levers you can use to deliver profound insight and clarity to your clients.

In this practical sixty-minute session, you will discover a simple and effective model, The Career Equation. You will learn 3 key conversation starters to quickly deepen and focus the quality of your development conversations. We will zone in on the neglected topic of what success means to your clients. With this new tool in your toolkit, you will be equipped to transform the engagement, retention, performance and satisfaction of everyone you come into contact with. Together we will:

1. Unlock a powerful and simple model for driving career dialogue
2. Learn how to bring The Career Equation into your practice
3. Walk away with 3 powerful conversations starters you can immediately make use of

Empower you to apply these skills for both business benefit and to accelerate performance and satisfaction amongst your coaching clients in a one-to-one setting.

Erica Sosna is a two-time TEDX speaker,  thought leader and expert on the future world of work. As the author of two books and the creator of The Career Equation, she has made it her business to help companies unleash potential and drive retention through impactful career conversations.  Her Career Equation model has been adopted by thousands of professionals across the tech, finance, real estate, professional services and education sectors.

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Nov 09 2022


11:00 am - 12:15 pm

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