Communicating with Impact – A Practical, Interactive Session by Coach of Excellence

Many of us become complacent with our communication and presenting skills. The COVID-19 period has exposed many of these issues, with the focus on virtual communication. And now, as we edge back to seeing real people, our skills will under the spotlight even more. This webinar will draw on our CPD accredited training to explain how we can enhance communication skills for the virtual and real world.

Enhanced individual perception, confidence, and awareness of skills. Engagement, impact, warmth, gestures, body language, rhetoric, pausing, strategic storytelling, maximising impact from slides, maximising impact from panels and interviews, handling challenges, personal and organisational reputation.

This will be an interactive webinar with delegates invited to participate and get instant feedback on presentation and communication skills. From what to do with your hands to why we smile (or frown) at the weather forecast on television. All this and more will be covered and explained in this webinar as we consider how to make a greater impact.

TMG Training specialises in communications training: working with individuals (from school age to executives) and leading organisations to develop, simplify and maximize effective communication. We offer virtual and face-to-face training as well as a CDP accredited online presentation training courses at

The company is owned by Keith Daniell and his wife Alison. Keith is a former television presenter, businessman, director, and trustee as well as an associate of Henley and Oxford University Business Schools. He is an experienced board member with expertise in communication and strategy. Alison was a picture editor at ITV.


Sep 08 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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