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Andy Kowalski works as both a Coach and Mentor in the area of STEM subjects and advises graduates, masters and doctorates on courses of action to advance their careers, overcome challenges and also look at alternatives to achieve a desired goal. His principle area is in Chemistry but can offer advice in Management as he is a FCMI.

Andy studied part-time at the former Leicester Polytechnic, gaining a HNC in Chemistry whilst at the same time working as a technician at Loughborough University. He has gained a great deal of experience working in Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, and Microbiology sections within the department.

In September 2002 he started his Diploma in Management course and completed this in January 2004. He then got headhunted by Loughborough College to do a ILM Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring which was completed by May 2005.

After Mentoring for Brightside Trust, add that he is currently mentoring two referred postgraduates on behalf of RSC Careers service and 3 undergraduates from Loughborough University.

Son of a second world war refugee, Andy is fluent in Polish and has assisted many visiting students during their time in the UK and still does.

Andy has worked as a volunteer in the Loughborough Polish community centre for more than 40 years. He has also represented the community as liaison with the local Charnwood Borough Council.

He is also an Executive Team Member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Trade, and his function is to act as a liaison between town and gown on a variety of issues.

Andy has also mentored students via the Brightside Trust, an initiative organised at Loughborough University via the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2007.

I aim to provide Graduates, with Masters and Doctorates with support in their careers my target area is STEM subjects and my specialty is Chemistry. I will also help those who wish to transition within their subject areas to other topics and also help those considering going freelance.

I also have H&S and Management experience and expertise so can provide some guidance in those areas too.

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